Hardware & licensing

As a business you know that technology is the lifeblood of your organization, you also know that unless managed it can become an unwieldy expense that can cost you a lot more than what you bargained for.

Software Licensing

Partnering with core vendors in the industry we work with your teams to ascertain how many licenses your business needs, the nature of the licenses you need, as well as what licensing models best meet your company’s needs.

Triops is an official provider of Microsoft licensing solutions, covering the full range of Microsoft solutions. We are therefore able to provide you with licensing solutions that ensure you are compliant and legal, while working on deployment roadmaps that meet your business plans as well as your pocket.

Hardware Solutions

Do you need to replace a couple of components in your business or do you need a complete upgrade of your infrastructure? Triops, through our partners, is able to offer you a full range of technology products and peripherals by tapping into a range of industry-leading brands.

Tired of being bogged down by managing your physical infrastructure yourselves? Call on the Triops team to help you with all of your technology infrastructure needs from cabling to designing patching and mapping your server rooms, designing and implementing your network infrastructure, deployment of WiFi networks, as well as assistance with your private and public cloud needs.