Software development


A strategy in line with our goals is necessary to achieve a successful result. At Triops Solutions, we evaluate the goals and resources prior to distributing the workloads to efficiently choose the right resources and obtain the best return on investment. In all, we avoid approaches such as "one size fits all", using instead a tailored strategy to make the best out of each of our clients’ resources.

The digital world is dynamic and unpredictable, which is why we resort to the key of strategy: The Agile Scrum methodology. This involves working in multi-function teams with various required skills to achieve the assigned requirements within short sprints and deliver the final product in record time. Upon completing a development, we start the continuous improvement phase, where new ideas, methods, and information are evaluated, and the necessary changes are made.    


Creating new applications not only implies that they be attractive; it is a design philosophy aimed at creating products that will fill the needs of their final users, delivering a high degree of satisfaction and the best user experience possible with the least effort. The User Interface design or UX considers these objectives during the design and development processes for an application to produce a positive and productive experience, with the sole purpose of inviting users to use it and share it.   

The User Interface design is of utmost importance; beyond seeking the final user’s satisfaction, its purpose is to prevent most issues from the beginning, thus saving money, and increasing the ROI. As experimented designers of User Interfaces, we know what is needed to create synergy between the components and ultimately deliver the best user experience.   

  • Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Meetings.
  • Usability Testing
  • User Profile Development (Personal Development)
  • Interactive and Wireframing Prototypes


Triops Solutions specializes in designing unique experiences on any platform. Our portfolio includes responsive websites that change and adapt to the user’s device, designs for mobile devices and tablets, as well as applications for any platform.  

  • Web Design
  • eCommerce Design
  • Responsive Design
  • User Interface Design


Triops Solutions designs software focused on the business objectives. Our focus is agile and collaborative; we work closely with our clients from the beginning and throughout the development process.    

Keeping ourselves updated in our line of business is vital to us. The solutions which we develop today must last over time, which is why we are tirelessly dedicated to mastering every aspect of our art. Our solutions are supported on the latest trends and technologies proposed by the industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, among other, and it is our passion to incorporate new techniques and paradigms.

  • Architecture design and implementation
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Development of web applications
  • eCommerce
  • Design and implementation of content managers
  • Dynamic applications